is not only a Digital Design Studio. It Takes Soul represents the courage it takes to go after your dreams and believe in yourself. It represents the courage to step outside of your comfort zone and test your limits in order to reach your higher purpose. Apart from content consulting, ITS also includes the mentorship to meet your greatness online and in real life. 


In a day in age where the 9-5 crumbles. Where the politics no longer support the people and our leaders are lead-less. 

We take our power back.

Where technology strips us from our humanity.

We reconnect.

Where the rules and regulations no longer serve the collective spirit..

We make our own.

However, this isn't always easy. To break away from conditioning. To follow your intuition and passions. To go against the grain and be brave.

Takes a lot of Soul.

To believe in your worthiness. To believe in the urgency of limited time. To love with an open heart and expect nothing in return..

Takes a lot of Soul.

So remember when you take that first step. When you choose YOU you also choose the rest of humanity by living in your truth.

IT TAKES SOUL to be the only YOU in this world and it didn't come easy. So walk tall and proud.